Wednesday, 21 July 2010


Well Girlies/men ! I have to let you see what's on my work desk lots of things I want to do but no mojo. It seems the mind is willing but the body isn't I have a little desk and side desk and its full up with bits.

Well Bloggers I'm off now to see what you have go on your desks. This is a link to Julia's blog.
Lol. Jo xxxx


  1. That desk is certainly full of "bits". Hope you get to do some crafting soon.


  2. As Suze Weinberg says, "Leap and the net will appear"!! you just go for it and that mojo will come. Move that big blank white sheet for a start.
    thanks for the peek and we're all waiting expectantly...

  3. Oh don't worry about tidying up, I think you'll find most of us like to have a good rummage!! xx

  4. Messy, messy, messy - just what I like to see! I bet you know where everything is, though...

  5. Hi
    now thats what i call a very busy desk, bet you know where everything is??? oh just see cath said that! lol, have great day, sue,x

  6. Jo, you are a master of the pile it up method! Hope you get crafty soon.

  7. Hi Jo, wow you have such a good memory! I am so glad that you have decided to do your blog. Welcome to blogland and the madness that comes with it, lol!

    Am so glad that you found me and left me a comment. I will be popping over each time you make something new.

    Have a lovely evening, hugs Heidi xxx

  8. I know what it's like to have a desk full of bits. Usually, I just push things closer together and higher up to make more room on the desk. Not a solution for everyone. LOL.
    Hope your mojo comes back soon.

  9. Hi Jo. Your desk looks about as organised as mine! LOL!! It'll be great to see you on Saturday especially as I won't be taking any more classes there until October!
    Kay xx

  10. Looks like you have a lot of stuff at arm's length. Really creative space, I'm sure. Happy WOYWW.

  11. I feel very at home Jo, it has a familiar feeling ....just like my own space LOL! I'm sure your mojo will be back very soon, I'm a bit like that myself at the moment, head is willing but not the body so I'm just doing a tiny bit each day and not trying to force it. I think it's the summer and the nice days and long evenings that does it. Look forward to seeing your Christening card when it's done. Love Chris xx

  12. That desk is the dogs dangly bits ... I mean if you are going to make a mess ... well you may as well do it in style :0)

  13. Lovely sun dappled desk! I LOVE the bin - did you make it? And how do you like those clear squares for foam pads?

  14. fabulous desk, so much to rummage in!! In fact, it's almost like mine when I'm half way tidy! sorry I'm late...slow typer

  15. Ahh you have


    its the swelling of a table with stash piles so pendulant and heavy it grows to the point that it can no longer bear the work of the crafter and all inspiration is lost.

    there is only one cure

    Send half your stash to donna louise rodgers!

    get your mojo back soonest hun,


  16. Workdesk after my own heart !!

  17. Good lord! If you just heard a crash from this side of the Atlantic, don't worry about it, it was just me fainting!!!


  18. Admit defeat on the desk and start getting messy with the christening card on another one, pref in another part of the same room. It's so comforting to know I'm not the only one. Leandra

  19. Wow!
    Lots of stuff and things!
    Hope you can find your mojo amongst it somewhere!


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