Sunday, 4 July 2010

Afternoon with Christine Dark.

Yesterday afternoon I went on a class at the Craftbarn with Christine Dark Wow! Did I get messy, more ink on me than the card !!! . We distressed, acrylic painted, embossed, then sandpapered, spritzed, more on arms - less said, the cosmic shimmer spray got blocked and I was last to use so hence should have taken a photo.- Guess what I forgot and had WHITE trousers on but I was careful, kept washing my hands - methinks the ladies might have thought I had a condition haha. Yes Mental. Anyway It was the Tim Holtz birdcage and bird die - if you look close my bird is well fed up because he was too high in the cage. When you see Christine's her one is just perfect - well it should be. Well we finished early and I had a great laugh so thanks Christine.

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  1. Hi Jo! I'm so glad you enjoyed it, white trousers and all LOL and your card is gorgeous, your birdie looks perfect to me :D. It was lovely for me to have a friend there which made it so enjoyable. Love and hugs, Chris xx


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