Tuesday, 11 July 2017

My Niece's Birthday card.

Hi bloggers,

Yes it's me, absent again. I have returned to work for 2 days a week. I sometimes do a week here and there because the girl who took my place when I retired 2 years ago only went and got pregnant ! So I'm helping my old boss out until 1st October and hopefully she comes back after a year off.  I cannot do it any more, it takes 1-1/-2 hours to get to Putney I would drive but it's the parking and so it's not worth my while. Cannot wait, I miss my card making and my Garden. The grandson Gabriel who's coming up to 16 now stays two days a week because his mum has to work.

Well I made this card during the days I wasn't working. I did another but forgot to photo it.
This one is made with Chloe stamps and dies. I do like these stamps and dies, but you have to very gentle peeling them off the plastic sheets there on. They could easily tear which I know about. Lol.
Well here's the card hope you like it

I've got one of these super apple mouse, and for the life of me still cannot use it properly ! Im trying to pick another photo and its not letting me do it, It was one I sent to my mum for Mothers day. Once i get the hang of it I will post because its pink and lovely.

Bye for now and have a lovely day. Work for me tomorrow boo hoo.