Saturday, 16 October 2010

Alive and Kicking.

Afternoon Bloggers. I am still around but a bit poorly. I haven't blogged for about 3 weeks, due to work and not feeling the ticket.  I had a problem with my small intestine now sorted and now have an abscess on my tooth - probably a bit run down.  As I type Peter my other half is going to get me some things until I can go to see a doctor on Monday. Still no luck with the house, it seems nobody wants to buy just rent at the moment.
While I am typing this behind the scenes I am backing my computer up as it seems to be going funny lately and I have a lot of photo's that I don't want to lose. I bought a time capsule and its taken me all morning to set it up even phoning apple and being cut off and then got a nice gentleman who took me through it all and it finally communicated with my mac.  I have done a couple of cards which I will load up tomorrow when I feel a bit better.

Be back tomorrow love and hugs to all. Jo.xxxx

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  1. Hey Jo!! So sorry to hear you aren't feeling too good at present. Make sure your other half spoils you until you feel better!! Lots of love. xx


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