Monday 14 January 2019

Again a bad blogger.

Good afternoon bloggers.

I cannot apologise enough. My life is so busy these days. I thought when you retired, it would be easier.  I was helping my eldest daughter Jo-Anne pack up her house as she has long last exchanged and completed Friday 31st August 2018. It's been a long road for Jojo and hopefully this is a good beginning for her.

My brother-in-law had to go to hospital regarding his lung as they have found a spot on it. - Well he had to have half of his lung taken away as they found a small cancerous growth. He has now recovered really well and hopefully cancer free. He really has a guardian angel looking after him!

I have been making cards for all the family, but as usual forget to post and take pictures.

My Mum was 90 in February 2018 went to a 5 star Hotel in Spain - had a glorious time. Did make her a beautiful card, but again didnt take a photo of it on its own, there is one or  two but with the other cards.. My brother was 65 in April, made him this card.

Front of Card. These stamps I have had for ages.

This is a Karen  Burniston Pop Up Card

Well bloggers, I shall end here for today. Do have a lovely day and enjoy. Bye for now. Jo. God Bless. xxx
Will put some more cards on tomorrow. 

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